Mosquito Magnet Power Pack Exchange (Replacement Program)

Mosquito Magnet Power Pack Exchange (Replacement Program)

Here at, our recommended repair option is our Mosquito Magnet Power Pack Exchange. This is the fastest and least expensive way to keep your backyard protected. Simply ship your non-working Mosquito Magnet to us and we will promptly* return a fully refurbished and upgraded model of the same class. Purchasing the Mosquito Magnet Power Pack Exchange ensures you will receive a better-than-new Mosquito Magnet.

Select your model from the options above to purchase your Pack Swap

Why Exchange? Aside from being the fastest option for having your Mosquito Magnet up and running, Mosquito Magnets over two years old do not meet current factory specifications. There have since been significant part upgrades made to your model that WILL prolong the lifespan of your Mosquito Magnet. The best option to make sure that your Mosquito Magnet is up-to-date is the Mosquito Magnet exchange option.

And be sure to download and fill out our repair form for inclusion with the unit you send! is the largest Certified Mosquito Magnet® Service Center in the world. Our service team is unmatched because we maintain the highest quality customer service record along with an educated and dilligent staff ready to get your Mosquito Magnet® up and running again. Our team of technicians are standing by to fix your Mosquito Magnet! Mosquito Magnet repair options come with a 12 month warranty...Commercial Pro Power Packs for 6 months! Please select from above for our Magnet Exchange Program.

Need It Now?

Select the Need it now option in addition to your powerhead and we ship out your exchange when you order. You will get your expedited exchange via UPS Ground and use our box and packing to return your non working powerhead. Attach the included shipping label and return by the carrier of your choice at your expense....ship it the cheapest way! This option has a charge of $239.00 as a deposit, when your trap gets shipped to our door we will refund $200.00 of the deposit. 

When Shipping your trap in for Exchange or Repair

Only ship the powerhead, remove from the stand/base.... DO NOT ship any part of the stand. Remove the net/bug bag, plume tube/attractants, battery/battery holder. If your concerned that there may be an issue with the power source/battery/transformer/charger please include and we will test prior to returning and notify you with any issue. Any stand/base items shipped in with your trap will be returned however it may incur additional shipping fees.

PLEASE pack well...concealed shipping damage does incur additional charges for those parts. While we do have limited inventory of used parts at no charge, new and limited used parts will be installed on your exchange when your non working powerhead arrives to our shop with concealed damage with inadequate packing materials.