ATRAKTA® Mosquito Attractant Pods For Mosquito Magnet® - 3 Pack

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ATRAKTA® Mosquito Attractant Pods For Mosquito Magnet® - 3 Pack

The right attractant can turn your Mosquito Magnet® into an even more powerful mosquito killing device. If you live in the Southern regions of the U.S. and in Hawaii, where the main types of biting insect pests include the day-biting Asian Tiger Mosquito and other mosquito species as well as no-see-ums and black flies, the ATRAKTA® Refill is an effective as well as economical way to ensure you are getting the most out of your trap and providing your family with maximum protection against flying pests.

 ATRAKTA® Mosquito Attractant

Mosquito Magnet® ATRAKTA®, a patent-pending mosquito attractant, mimics naturally occurring human skin scents or odors that attract mosquitoes.  It has been designed for use with all Mosquito Magnet® Traps. ATRAKTA® Mosquito Attractant Pods use natural and powerful scents to add an additional lure to your trap. Utilizing a combination of Lactic Acid, Octenol, and Ammonium Bicarbonate, the pods draw mosquitoes away from you and into your trap. Replace every 16 days to ensure that the attractant is operating at maximum efficacy.


The EPA-registered Mosquito Magnet® ATRAKTA® is the only attractant proven to attract the Asian Tiger Mosquito.  It also attracts other species of mosquitoes that may transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and Heartworm.