Liberty Trap Cover model 3000CVR Mosquito Magnet®

Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Trap Cover

Don't let insects, dust or moisture get into your Mosquito Magnet® trap while it's being stored for the winter.

The Mosquito Magnet® Custom Liberty Trap Cover is custom designed for the Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Trap and made of heavy, durable weather-resistant canvas.  The cover is made up of two parts, 1 for the “trumpet” of the trap, and the other for the body of the trap. 

This complete coverage prevents insects from hibernating inside the trap, clogging the funnel or fans when the trap is in storage.  It also keeps dust and moisture from accumulating in the unit, so that when mosquito season rolls around, your Mosquito Magnet® is ready to be set up without the fuss!

Extend the life of your trap and avoid start up problems with the Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Trap Cover.

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